Responsibilities of the Engineer’s Office

The Clermont County Engineer is responsible for the maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, and (re)construction of pavements and bridges in the County Highway System. Maintenance duties include traffic control, safety projects, mowing, and snow removal. The County Engineer’s Office also serves as an engineering advisor to the Township Trustees for the maintenance, widening and repair of their highways. The County engineer is fully responsible for the bridges on both the county and township highway systems. The County engineer may also be charged with the upkeep of bridges within municipalities, including some of the State Highway System. He performs the annual inspection and evaluation of the condition and load carrying capacity of each bridge. The statues regulating this duty require a uniform method of procedure and record-keeping.

The County Engineer participates in county and regional planning commissions and provides tax map drafting services for the County. In unincorporated areas, he may also be involved in the establishment and maintenance of petitioned and assessed ditches, sidewalks, and even county airports.

Under the Clermont County Engineer’s jurisdiction, include the following: