Departments & Services

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Engineering & Design

Project Planning & Engineering

  • Project planning and engineering. Contact: Pat Manger

Scheduling & Budgeting

Grants & Federal Aid

  • Grants and federal aid development. Contact: Doug Royer

Bridge Inspection

Bridge Rehab/New Bridge

Culvert Design

Roadway and Intersection Design

  • Roadway and intersection design. Contact: Doug Royer

Consultant Plan Review

Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic engineering, including traffic signals, speed studies, and accident analysis. Contact: Jeremy Evans

GIS Development

Road Atlas


  • Surveying, including topographical, boundary, and right-of-way. Contact: Craig Risner

Survey Plats

  • Survey plats for Townships and County. Contact: Craig Risner


  • Deed research for right-of-way acquisition. Contact: Craig Risner

Engineering Review

  • Engineering review for Clermont County Planning Commission on new subdivision developments. Contact: Jeremy Evans

Residential/Commercial Development

  • Residential and commercial development services. Contact: Jeremy Evans

Inspect Subdivision Streets

  • Inspects construction of subdivision streets -- Storm sewers, storm water management systems, road and bridge design, soil and erosion control measures, and traffic control. Contact: Eric Ely

Review Drainage

  • Assists Clermont County Building and Zoning Department in review of drainage for commercial and industrial site plans. Contact: Michael Lober

Construction & Inspection

Capital Improvement Contracts

  • Administration of all capital improvement contracts, including bridge, roadway, and intersection construction and the annual pavement resurfacing program. Contact: Doug Royer

Pay Items

  • Inspection, measurement, and documentation of all pay items. Contact: Doug Royer

 Contractor Payments

  • Prepares partial and final payments to all contractors. Contact: Doug Royer

Right-of-way Acquisition

Utility Relocation Coordination

  • Utility Coordination and Relocation -- Gas and water lines, telephone and electric conduit, television cable, and sanitary sewers. Contact: Doug Royer

Utility Permits

Driveway Permit Review

  • Driveway and right-of-way permit review and issuance. Contact: Eric Ely

Special Hauling Permit

  •  Special hauling permit review and issuance. Contact: Michael Lober

Permits Download

Operations & Maintenance

Road and Bridge Maintenance

  • Road and Bridge Maintenance -- Snow & Ice Control, ditching and drainage, culverts, painting and line striping, pothole patching, bridge repair, berm work, guardrail repair, mowing, brush and weed control. Contact: Woody Woodmansee

Emergency Maintenance

  • Emergency Maintenance -- Storm damage, downed trees, high water and flooding problems, and debris. Contact: Woody Woodmansee
  • After Hours: Non-Emergency Service - (513) 732-2231

Traffic Operations

  • Traffic Operations -- Maintenance of traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings, and collection of traffic data throughout the County. Contact: Jeremy Evans

Truck Weight Limit Enforcement

  • Program controls overweight vehicles on county roads and bridges. Contact: Clermont County Sheriff's Non-Emergency Service - (513) 732-2231

Fleet Maintenance

  • Fleet Maintenance -- Maintenance and upgrade of on- and off-road vehicles and equipment. Contact: Todd Slone

Safety - Personnel Training

  • Safety -- Training of personnel on safety procedures to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Contact: Woody Woodmansee

Administration & Finance

Permanent Public Records

  •  Records -- Permanent copies of all road and bridge plans, maps, topos, aerial photos, benchmarks, and land records. (Public access to these records is always available.) Contact:  Craig Risner

Budgets & Payroll

  • Budgets and Payroll -- Management of annual budget, including anticipation of fiscal needs and assessment of revenue availability in order to balance spending while developing schedule of infrastructure projects. Contact: Rob Alfieri

General Office Administration

  • General Office Administration -- Coordination with County Engineer on most matters. Administration of clerical and office duties. Contact: Sandy West


Human Resources

Information Systems

  • Information Systems -- Maintenance and operation of computers and local area network (LAN). Contact: Michael Lober

Township and Government Liaison

  • Township and Governmental Liaison. Contact: Pat Manger

Tax Map

Tax Plats

  • Keeps survey plats of all land in the County by lot number, parcel number, and acreage. (513)-732-7370

Maintain 911 Emergency Info

  • Maintenance and upkeep of information for 911 emergency system. Contact: Non-Emergency Service - (513) 732-2231

New Address Assignment

  • Assigns new addresses. Contact: your local Township or Village

Purchase Tax Maps/Survey Plats

  • Tax maps, survey plats, and record plats available online for free at the Auditors website.
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