Special Hauling Permit Application

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Please email the following to Michael Lober before filling out the application:

  1. Current insurance certificate
  2. State permit

Send both to mlober@clermontcountyohio.gov

Applications will not be considered without this paperwork

Once you have emailed those, continue below to the online application.

Your Information
Permit Information
Load Information

  1. Load - Description Details (Include make and model or serial number) *
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Vehicle Information
  1. Power Unit
  2. Trailer
  3. Other Trailer, if applicable
Vehicle Size

Please only use numbers.

  1. L   W   H
  2. L   W   H
  3. L   W   H
  4. L
  5. L
Overweight Loads Complete only if your load is overweight
  1. Axle Number One
  2. Axle Number Two
  3. Axle Number Three
  4. Axle Number Four
  5. Axle Number Five
  6. Axle Number Six
  7. Axle Number Seven
  8. Axle Number Eight
  9. Axle Number Nine
Routing Information
  1. Via Highways / Roads *
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