2012 Road Resurfacing

Contact: Doug Royer, Deputy Engineer (732-8885)

Purpose/Need: The enclosed Agreements will allow the Board of County Commissioners to publicly bid and manage the resurfacing of township and municipal road(s) in various townships and municipalities.

Action Necessary:  Execution of the enclosed Agreements between Board of County Commissioners of Clermont County and various townships and municipalities.

History of Project: The Clermont County Engineers office extended an offer for townships and municipalities to combine with our annual resurfacing program with the goal of achieving lower unit pricing.  These agreements will allow the Board of County Commissioners to bid and manage the resurfacing of roads for the following townships and municipalities.


Batavia Township $270,000

Goshen Township $100,000

Jackson Township $50,000

Miami Township $446,250

Pierce Township $81,000

Stonelick Township $70,000

Union Township $282,200

Wayne Township $92,000

City of Milford $113,750


Costs: The townships and city have agreed to pay the amounts listed above for resurfacing roads within their jurisdiction.
Actual costs will be determined after receiving bids on the project.


Expected Outcomes:  The resurfacing of  various roads in the townships and city listed above.


Time Period:  The Agreement will be in effect for a period of 2 years.  It is anticipated that the work will be completed by fall of 2012.


Responsible Department(s):    County Engineers Office.