2016 Road Resurfacing Phase II

Bid Package for 2016 Road Resurfacing Program, Phase II
Contact:   Doug Royer, Deputy Engineer (732-8885)                                                            .

Purpose/Need: Resurfacing our existing County, Township and Village Roads to improve the safety of the motoring public.

Action Necessary: Advertisement of Legal notice to obtain bids for the resurfacing of roads.  Advertising for a total of 2 weeks with the legal notice advertised on June 9th and also placed on the County website.  Bid opening to be on July 14, 2016.

History of Project: This project is our annual resurfacing program, Phase II.  The”plans”, as defined in section 200.1 of the General Provisions, are included in section VI of the Bid Documents.   We will publicly bid out 3 separate phases this year due to funding availability.

Costs: The estimated construction cost is $2,070,708.70.  This project will be funded with MVG funds as well as an OPWC grant.  The OPWC grant is in the amount of $1,580,000.  There are also roads from Batavia Township with a local match in the amount of $46,440 and from the Village of Williamsburg with a local match in the amount of  $35,570.

Expected Outcomes: Resurfacing and repair of approximately 8 miles of Roadway.

Time Period: The completion date for this project is set at September 30, 2016

Responsible Department(s): County Engineers Office

Project Documents:

Legal Notice – PDF

Bidders List – PDF

Bid Results – PDF

Project Status: