Dear Mr. Manger:
I wanted to take a minute to compliment your staff. On Wednesday, the 25th, I contacted your office with a problem. Our neighbor was calling us complaining that they couldn’t see to get out of their driveway due to the tall grass in the ditch line and wanted us to cut the grass.
I called your office that afternoon and spoke to a very nice woman (Belinda Willoughby) and explained the situation and she acknowledged that it was indeed the County’s responsibility and that she would put in a work order.
I was pleasantly shocked to come to the church at 8:30 the next morning and see that your crew was already working on it. I walked over and spoke to the operator, Scott Posey to thank him and was greatly impressed with his courtesy and attitude. He actually had an equipment malfunction part way through the job, returned to the garage, got another tractor and came back and completed the job.
These two people are a great reflection on your department and our county and I felt you should know and they be should be recognized as such.
Jeffrey T. Moss
Administrative Pastor


Dear Mr. Manger:
Please accept our sincere thanks for the repair/repave of the 1000 block of Frank Willis Memorial
Road in New Richmond. I am sure it is a monumental task keeping all the roads in the County in
shape and safe, and we appreciate your continued hard work with this task! We are very much
looking forward to the possibility of a total repair of our road during the summer of 2015! Take Care!
Mindy Graser


I live off of Mt. Pisgah Road which just reopened after three months of reconstruction of the bridge.
The improvements to both the bridge and intersection at 749 exceeded my expectations.
It looks great and will clearly improve visibility and safety.
Thank you and everyone who worked on it!
Jo Ann Hull


Dear Mr. Manger,
after seeing the recent article in the Community Press Regarding the road project
on Wards Corner Road, it reminded me that i should send a short note of
appreciation. As a person that drives this stretch of roadway on a regular basis,
sometimes 3-4 times a day, I am grateful for the improvement made along the
downward ditch line.
So, please thank your staff for this project. Being a government employee, I
know the importance of receiving recognition.
Carol Sims
Camp Washington


Dear Mr. Manger,
On Behalf of the Batavia Township Board of Trustees I would like to thank you
for your departments help with clearing debris from an under road drainage system on
Lucy Run Cemetery Road. On Saturday April 23rd we recieved a call that an
underground tile was blocked and that water was running across the road creating a
dangerous situation. Despite our crews best efforts we were unable to clear the debris and remove the danger.
Within 30 minutes of our initial call Rob Alfieri and Ron Anter were at the site
assessing the situation. A very short time later Ron and Bryan Stropes were back
with a gradall bucket and quickly cleared the debris and restored proper drainage
bemeath the road.
It is a welcome feeling to know that we have support and knowledge of your
department so close and so readily available.
Again Thanks ,
Rex Parsons, Adminstrator
Batavia Township


Thanks for another job well done by your group in the Milford area.
Thanks also for the great paving job on Snider Road. (I am drawing blank as to whether it is Snider) Runs from Rt. 28 over to Smyths Auto Parts on Rt. 131. I travel that each summer many times a week. It was in terrible shape for years and just as I was going to call you it was finished.
You Read my mind.
Also, THANKS for the great repair work on Guinea Pike.
My tax dollars at work.
Now all we need is to make Guinea Pike “4” lanes !!!!! NOT !!!
BUMPER TO BUMPER IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE EACH MORNING. They are trying to get around the bottle neck on our wonderful “3” lane I-275 Westbound.
Thank you and your great employees.
Jerry & Donna Yarnell
Branch Hill Guinea Pike
Loveland, Ohio


I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you and your road crews for patching the pot holes on the Branch Hill Guinea Pike Hill.
So glad you fixed them before the holes got Toooo BIG. They were deep but your crew fixed them very quickly before I could call you.
There must be a spring under the big spot about half way up the hill because it seems to be wet year round.
Good Job Fellows.
You and your crews are Appreciated.
Jerry Yarnell
6602 Branch Hill Guinea Pike


My name is Chris Dugle, Owner of Deltec, Inc. on Grissom Drive in the Airport Industrial Park. I’ve been meaning to compliment you on the fine jobs I have seen your road building crews accomplish in Clermont County, specifically the extension of Clough Pike into Batavia and the extension of Old 74 to the College. Those roads are beautifully engineered and very useful to the improved flow of traffic. Please let your crews know they are appreciated.
Also, I really enjoy the smart light at Wards Corner and Branch Hill-Guinea Pike on my way to and from work daily. Correcting the misalignment at that intersection has been very helpful for all.
Keep up the great work.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for the addition of the new guard rail in front of my house.
It’s nice to know that a county official would actually listen to and consider the needs and concerns of one citizen.
Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.
Brian Howard
6163 Branch Hill Guinea Pike
Milford, OH 45150


My name is Don Finkler, 4424 Kitty Lane.
I would like to express my thank you for the work that was done on my street for run off water.
But the big thing I was impressed with was the employees on the job – perfect gentlemen in every way. Very polite and understanding in every way; Ken and Doug wanted to do everything to make everyone happy. Mr. Alfieri checked on the job and is a real nice guy.
Thank you,
Don Finkler

August 27, 2007

Patrick J. Manger, P.E.,P.S.
County Engineer
Clermont County Engineer’s Office
2381 Clermont Center Drive
Batavia, Ohio 45103
Dear Pat:
Since my June 13 letter it looks like the State has improved the timing of traffic signal lights on Route 32.
Thanks for any action on your part.
Hal Shevers
Sportsman’s Market, Inc.

Aug. 3, 2007

Dear Mr. Manger,
One of your work-crews wrapped up a rather extensive job along our property line on Loveland-Miamiville Rd. today. They did an extremely thorough job in widening the berm and finishing it off with fine grading, seed and straw. The only complaint I have is, it makes my yard look bad compared to their finish job.
During the course of the work, I had many opportunites to talk with crew-members. They were all very cordial and professional. Doug Carnahan, the crew-boss, was a real pleasure to meet and discuss the various aspects of the job with, as it progressed. He is a fine young man and a very capable professional. Please convey my thanks to Doug and his crew for a job well done.
Sincerely, Jim Ferguson, 645 Loveland-Miamiville Rd.

June 13, 2007

Patrick J. Manger, P.E.,P.S.
County Engineer
Clermont County Engineer’s Office
2381 Clermont Center Drive
Batavia, Ohio 45103
Dear Pat:
The Route 32 signal lights seem to aggravate the horrible traffic conditions faced by morning and evening rush hour traffic. On Route 32 from I-275 there is no coordination among the three lights at Glen Este-Withamsville, Elick, and Old St. Rt. 74.
This would not seem to be an unduly difficult project for ODOT. We have recently lost several customers due to this situation, especially on Friday afternoons.
Would you be good enough to pass this information on?
Hal Shevers


Email from Clermont County Resident
I would like to say Thanks – I have been pleasantly surprised this year with how quick the road crews have been able to respond to the weather.
Eugene Colvin


Call from a Clermont County Resident
Subject: Hill Station Road
I wanted to pass this message on to the Highway Department
This morning the Engineer’s Office received a call from a gentleman who wanted to say that the Highway Department did a fantastic job mowing, trimming, etc. on Hill Station Road in Goshen!


Email from Tate Township
Subject: Work at the Airport
I just wanted to let you know that Kevin and his crew did a really great job with the catch basins/ditch work at the airport. Thank you very much.
Chuck Gallagher
President, Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, Inc.
Note from Clermont County Resident
I meant to thank you and your men for doing such a great job on my driveway. It’s fantastic to be able to watch the water flow through.
Thanks again,
Karen Noll


Email from Village of Moscow
Subject: Jett Hill Road Repair
Thank you so much for your prompt attention to fixing the potholes in Jett Hill Rd. What a difference it has made. Again, thank you.
Sandra Ashba
Administrator, Village of Moscow


Letter from Williamsburg Township
I am writing in regard to the “road trimming” here on Twin Bridge/Bethel/Concord Clover Road. I believe Scott Posey was the trimmer and the young man in the truck who helped him with traffic and ect. I do not know his name but I am writing to tell you and them that it is a “job well done!!”
One evening on our way home, because of the nicely trimmed roads we were able to see a deer before he jumped across the road in front of us.
I drove a school bus over these roads for 32 yrs. And because of your men’s hard work at keeping these roads “safe” I just wanted you to know, and let the men know, this is one very thankful driver.
Most Sincerely,
Annie Gaskins
P.S. and my husband and family all feel the same.
Tom Gaskins
The Healeys
The Youngs
P.S.S. Sure hope I spelled your name right


Email from Stonelick Township Trustees
On behalf of the Stonelick Township Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you and your staff for your cooperation and help with the closure of Johnnytown Road from August 9 until August 11.
Your assistance was very much appreciated.
Kermit Beckworth, Chairman
Stonelick Board of Trustees


Letter from Stonelick Township Trustees
On behalf of the Stonelick Township Trustees I would like to personally thank you for the fine job that your crews did replacing the old rock culvert/bridge on Johntown Road. Even though this was a project that was small in nature, it involved shutting down a dead end road for three days. From the very beginning discussions with Dennis Meguire and then going through design with Todd Gadbury things could not have gone better. Life safety issues, disrupting the lives of 6 families and hoping for good weather were just some of the concerns. Good communication and planning was key and that is exactly what happened.
As much work as possible was done prior to tearing out the culvert/bridge. On August 9th the two bridge crews of Willy & Woody moved in along with a team of dump trucks. In one day the tear out was completed, and the bottom was based in for the pre-cast unit to rest on. Day two, the pre-cast sections were set and the unit was backfilled and waterproofing of the bridge deck was completed. Day, three, final shaping and grading of the road bed, asphalt was laid, guard rails were installed and the seed and straw was put down. A final cleanup was made and by 5:00 Friday evening, the project was complete.
Our thanks goes out to others that assisted, the tree trimming crew, crane operator, the paving crew and those behind the scenes you never see.
This was a project that construction cost were shared. A project of this size would have eaten a huge chunk of money out of our road budget. I believe the township and the Engineer’s office were both winners by the sharing cost of construction. We both completed an important project that otherwise might not have been done for years. A very proactive approach was taken.
Even though our resources are limited, if the township can ever help you out please pick up the phone and call we will assist in what ever way possible.
Continue working safely & successfully.
Skeets Humphries, Stonelick Township Trustee
Note from Batavia Township
Thanks from the Filager Road Residents – A Cherry Cake but no Cherry Tree!! It looks great having the tree gone.


Email from Monroe/Tate Township
Subject: Limb down/trimming/sight dist. Crane School House Road
Just wanted to thank you for removing the limbs that extended over Crane School House Rd.
Joseph Smith


Email from Jackson Township
The Jackson Township Board of Trustees and residence of Jackson Township sincerely thank you and your department for all the help the people and officials of Jackson Township have received from the Clermont County Engineer’s Department. The road bid work, the help on West Caudill Road, and the road signs are just a sample of the help and cooperation of your department’s willingness to help Jackson Township.
Jackson Township Officials


Letter from Pierce/Union Township
On May 15, your crew cut and cleared the brush along the road in front of my house. I would like to take the opportunity to express my thanks. This was the most professional and well done job of its kind I have ever seen. They took such care, and did such good work that I was truly impressed.
This was something that I recognized as needing to be done, but I wasn’t looking forward to the task, as it would have taken me at least a week, working by myself. Your crew saved me an enormous amount of work, and made this section of Hopper Hill Road look a lot better than it has in years. I thought you should know how much it was appreciated.
Ed Westemeier


Letter from Stonelick Township
I want to thank you and the road crew for the tree clearing on Belfast. It helped a lot, we are working on the inner part; also thanks for the “pot hole” repair. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Janet Brum Hines


Letter from Franklin Township
I wanted to take the time to send a letter of thanks to you and the county workers. It is apparent to the citizens of Franklin Township that you realize that we are part of Clermont County. I have seen much work and improvements to our area since you become Engineer and I wanted to let you know how much this is appreciated.
I also wanted to thank you for the road improvement that has taken place on Love Road; it has gone from being a dangerous one lane road to a road that can now be safely traveled. The crews that were working here were an excellent representation of quality, professionalism and friendliness and they were a credit to not only the County, but also to your office. Kenny Patrick epitomizes the friendliness and he is a great liaison between the county offices and the residents of Clermont County. Mr. Patrick is knowledgeable about the work being done and he takes the time to talk to the citizens involved and let them know what is going on, and this is truly appreciated.
I assume your office receives many complaints so I wanted to make sure that a letter of gratitude was sent so you know that your time and hard work is appreciated. I am also sending a letter to Rob Alfieri commending him and the men working for the County.
Judy Napier


Letter from Union Township
Subject: Beechwood Road
Great job on railroad crossing opening up N. end of Beechwood. A great help! New paving on Beechwood and Aston & Roney helps considerably also. Section of Beechwood between Summerside & Aston has some small chunks missing in those areas that are checker-boarding. Maybe some of those long patches would hold this section for another year or so. A lot of heavy trucks use this road!
Thanks for considering this.
E.L. Herrmann


Letter from the Clermont County Human Resources Department
I just wanted to take a moment to say “thanks again” for the county tour of the Engineer’s Office responsibilities. It was truly my pleasure to meet you and many of your foremen and workers. And very refreshing to see smiling faces as each man did their job with such perfection. Their high morale speaks volumes for your management style.
I was very impressed and pleased to see the correct safety equipment and safety procedures practiced by your staff. Your department’s safety record is remarkable considering the “at-risk” difficulty of performing the duties of their jobs. Your department is to be commended for their safety practices and their low incident rate. Please extend my thanks to you staff and keep up the good work.
I will be in touch as soon as I can set up the date for the high voltage demonstration with Cinergy.
Becky Davidson
Workers’ Compensation Plan Manager
Clermont County Human Resources Department


Letter from Franklin Township
We live on Franklin Road in Franklin Township. We are writing to show our appreciation for the recent resurfacing of Franklin Road,
Weldon and Juanita Taulbee


Letter to County Administrator regarding the Engineer’s Office
This is your report that the County Engineer’s Office has been to the Airport and arranged to take care of the needed runway and taxiway striping in the next week or so. Many thanks for bringing this to their attention, apparently in a way so that it will be accomplished before the weather changes and pavement painting is shut down for the season.
By copy of this letter to Pat Manger I am letting him know of our appreciation. But Chuck Gallagher asked if we could also let Pat know we are looking for a surplus County dump truck. We need another for snow removal. Chuck suggested that if the County had a spare dump truck they could spot it on County property at the Airport, or if they are trading up for a new one, it could end up at the Airport.
William H. Anderson
Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, Inc.