Qualifications of the Engineer

In order to be a County Engineer in the State of Ohio, the officeholder must have a dual registration — Professional Engineer (P.E.) and Professional Surveyor (P.S.) — as Section 315.02 of the Ohio Revised Code specifically states:

“No person holding the Office of Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Sheriff, County Treasurer, or County Recorder is eligible to hold the office of County Engineer. No person is eligible in any county as a candidate for such office or shall be elected or appointed thereto unless he is a registered professional engineer and a registered surveyor, licensed to practice in this state.”

“Provisions of this section are mandatory, and one who is not a registered professional engineer and registered surveyor licensed to practice in the state is not eligible as a candidate for Office of County Engineer or to be elected or appointed thereto unless he shall have previously served as County Engineer immediately prior to his election.”

“It is not contemplated under the provisions of this section, that two persons, one being only a registered professional engineer and the other being only a registered surveyor, may be candidates for or elected to or appointed to the Office of County Engineer.”

This is what the Ohio Revised Code has to say concerning a person’s eligibility for the Office of County Engineer. No other public office in Ohio commands as strict requirements for the officeholder’s duties as does the position of County Engineer.