Speed Study Procedure

As you may know, the county does not have the authority, under Ohio law, to reduce speed limits on our roads. The Director of The Ohio Department of Transportation is the only person authorized to make speed changes. The Director will not consider a speed limit reduction unless it is accompanied by a detailed study of the conditions of the road including the physical features and the existing use and speed of the vehicles now using the road. We will begin the process of preparing such a study at the County level and will submit it to the Director for his consideration. However, before the speed study can begin and be sent to ODOT, the Clermont County Board of Commissioners must pass a resolution. In order to demonstrate the need for a speed study to be conducted, you must complete a petition. When you feel that you have enough signatures, please return the petition to our office. We will forward the completed petition, with a resolution, to the Clermont County Commissioners Office where the Board will vote upon your request.

We appreciate your concern. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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