Road Repair

image of paver patching on Bethel-Hygiene Rd

Pictured: Paver Patching on Bethel-Hygiene Road

Foreman: Jason Bodley

The Paving Crew uses a Marathon “Hot Box” to perform routine pothole repair.  This piece of equipment holds 4 tons of asphalt and uses propane heaters to keep it hot.  In a normal day they use 2 loads of asphalt (8 tons).  This is manually shoveled and then rolled in place.  The roller provides a  great advantage in this operation because it makes the repairs permanent.  Rarely do they need to return to a pothole that has been repaired with “hot mix” and rolled.

The highway department has its own paving equipment that it uses to repair roads that are deteriorated beyond simple pothole patching, but are not on the annual paving list.  This extends the useful life of the current pavement 2 to 3 years until it can be included in the general paving program.