2016 Landslide Repairs, Phase 1

2016 Landslide Repairs, Phase I

Contact: Doug Royer, Deputy Engineer (732-8885)

Purpose/Need: This project will repair existing landslides on the following roads:
Locust Corner Road (PI-32-15)
Benton Road (ST-25-15)

Action Necessary: Advertisement of Legal notice to obtain bids for this project.  This legal notice shall be advertised for two weeks, with the first week to be advertised in the local newspaper.

History of Project: The OPWC grant for the 2016 Landslide Repairs project was approved in July of 2016. The project is ready for construction and the CCTID will manage the contract for the project.

Costs: The OPWC grant is a maximum amount of $219,988, with a project cost of $278,465. The local match will come from the County Engineer’s Office in the amount of $58,477.

Expected Outcomes: Repair of the existing landslides on Locust Corner Road and Benton Road.

Time Period: Landslide Repairs will be completed by December 1, 2017.

Responsible Department(s): County Engineer’s Office.

Project Documents:

Bidders List – PDF

Bid Results – PDF

Legal Notice – PDF

Project Status: