2020 Landslide Repairs, Phase I

2020 Landslide Repairs, Phase I

Contact: Amanda J. Beiting, Senior Engineer (732-8874)

Purpose/Need: This project will repair existing landslides on the following roads:
Bethel-New Richmond Road (TA-06-20)
Twelvemile Road (OH-07-20 & MO-08-20)
McKeever Road (WI-05-20)
Gaynor Road (GO-03-19)

Action Necessary: Advertisement of Legal notice to obtain bids for this landslide repair project.  This legal notice shall be advertised for two consecutive weeks.

History of Project: All 5 landslides are similar with the following description: The landslide currently has an embankment failure causing a width restriction for the traveling public.  An application was filed with OPWC in August of 2019.  The OPWC application and agreement authorization was approved by Board on 4/8/2020 and the County Engineer executed the Grant Agreement on July 2, 2020.

Costs: The construction cost is estimated as follows:






Total Project Amount

2020 Landslides

Phase 1


Bethel New Richmond/Monroe Township

12 Mile/Ohio Township

12 Mile/Monroe Township

McKeever/Williamsburg Township

Gaynor/Goshen Township

OPWC Grant                    $ 565,699.25

MVG Funds                      $ 205,850.95

Goshen Twp Funds           $  65,284.80

Project Cost                    $   836,835.00


Expected Outcomes: Stabilize the existing landslides and repair the roadways on Bethel-New Richmond Road, Twelve Mile Road, McKeever Road, and Gaynor Road.

Time Period: Project is to be completed by July 1, 2021.

Responsible Department(s): County Engineer’s Office.

Project Documents:

Bidders List – PDF

Bid Results – PDF

Legal Notice – PDF

Project Status: