2021 Road Resurfacing Program, RS-02-21

2021 Road Resurfacing Program, RS-02-21
Contact: Doug Royer, Deputy Engineer (732-8885)

Purpose/Need: Resurfacing our existing County, Township and Village Roads to improve the safety of the motoring public.

Action Necessary: Advertisement of Legal notice to obtain bids for the resurfacing of roads.  Advertising for a total of 2 weeks with the legal notice advertised on February 25th and also placed on the County website.  Bid opening to be on March 11, 2021.

History of Project: This project is our annual resurfacing program.  The “plans”, as defined in section 200.1 of the General Provisions, are included in section V of the Bid Documents.   This project will also have roads from Batavia and Williamsburg Township as well as the Village of Williamsburg.

Engineers Office Roads:  33.5 miles resurfaced and 15.5 miles repaired.
Batavia Township Roads:  2.2 miles resurfaced
Williamsburg Township Roads:  1.5 miles resurfaced
Village of Williamsburg Roads:  0.6 miles resurfaced

Costs: The estimated construction cost is $4,036,060.80.  This project will be funded with MVG funds, Batavia and Williamsburg Township and Village of Williamsburg.

County Engineers Office Estimated cost: $3,545,617.19
Batavia Township Estimated cost:  $286,143.50
Williamsburg Township Estimated cost:  $108,338.61
Village of Williamsburg Estimated cost:  $95,961.50

Expected Outcomes: Resurfacing 38 miles and repairing 16 miles of Roadway.

Time Period: The completion date for this project is set at September 1, 2021

Responsible Department(s): County Engineers Office.

Road List: 2021 Road Resurfacing List

Project Documents:

Bidders List – PDF
Bid Results – PDF
Legal Notice – PDF

Project Status: