Planning and Design

Permits and Application Forms

About Permits
Explanation of permits and why they are required

Permit Application Forms
Available for download: Driveway Permit Applications, Right-of-Way Permit Applications, Utility Permit Applications, and Special Hauling Permit Applications

Public Record Policy
Public records available from the Engineer’s Office

Weight Limits and Bridge Formula

Bridge Formula
A 1944 algebraic equation still governs truck weight and length. Here’s how to use the “bridge formula”

Federal Bridge Formula
Department of Transporatation, Western Uniformity Scenario Analysis


Access Management Regulations

Subdivision Regulations

Construction Standards

Average Daily Traffic History

Clermont County Engineer’s Office performs counts on county and some township roads every 3 to 6 years to update their database.  If you need a count for a state route contact the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Download the Average Daily Traffic Report

Speed Study Procedure

Freedom of Information Act

Open and complete one of the following forms to request information.